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Customs duties

Customs duties

Not all products shipped overseas are subject to customs duty, and the presence or absence of taxation and the amount of tax is determined by the local customs office, so we cannot provide accurate information. Thank you for your understanding.
For more information on customs laws, etc., please visit the following website.

External link Customs duties

Customs website

《Regarding tariffs》
In Japan, customs duties are regulated by the Customs Tariff Law, and at the time of actual importation, the tax rate and tax amount differ in detail depending on the country of origin, material, price, quantity, etc. of the product.

Therefore, it is not possible to provide accurate information in advance regarding whether or not taxation will be applied to individual products and the amount of taxation.

Tariff rates may vary greatly depending on the material of the item, whether or not it has been processed, and the intended use.

For details, please see the Customs website .

As a general rule, "import consumption tax" is levied on imports from overseas as well as customs duties.
Therefore, even if the customs duty amount is 0 yen, only the import consumption tax may be charged. Please note.

Reference information

  • Simplified Tariff Rate <br>When the taxable price (generally 60% of the product price) is [200,000 yen or less], the "simplified tariff rate" is applied.
    However, please note that even if the item is [200,000 yen or less], certain items such as leather products, handbags, and shoes are not subject to the simplified tariff rate.
    *Reference: Simplified tariff rate for small value imported cargo on the Customs website
  • Items with a customs value of 10,000 yen or less <br>Items with a customs value of 10,000 yen or less are exempt from customs duty and consumption tax, with the exception of some exempt items.

    <Items not applicable>
    Leather bags, leather gloves, footwear, leather shoes, knitted clothing (T-shirts, sweaters, etc.)
    *Reference: Application of tax exemption for goods with a total customs value of 10,000 yen or less on the Customs website
  • Exceptions for Personal Goods <br>As a general rule, customs duties are calculated as the total price of the goods, insurance premiums, and shipping costs as the taxable value (amount subject to taxation).
  • However, for goods sent by postal parcel, as long as they are for the importer's "personal use," the customs value is set at (approximately) the wholesale price lower than the actual price.

If you order an item shipped overseas using a delivery method such as USPS that is delivered domestically by Japan Post , it may be necessary for the buyer to complete customs clearance procedures.
If customs clearance is required, you will be notified before the goods are delivered.
Please follow the instructions provided in the notification.

If you receive a "Notice of Customs Clearance Procedures for Postal Items Arriving from Abroad"

It is necessary to reply to the customs office with the price and contents of the product according to the contents of the notification.
Please check the contact information in "Notice of Customs Procedures for Postal Matters Arriving from Abroad" for the content to be answered.

For details on how to respond to customs, please refer to the customs website "Notice of Customs Procedures for Mail Arriving from Abroad" .

If you do not receive a notification from customs

No customs clearance is required.
If there is a customs duty, please pay the customs duty to the delivery person at the time of delivery and receive the product.

If you receive "Notice of international mail that may require import (tax) declaration"

If the customs value exceeds 200,000 yen, it is necessary to carry out customs clearance procedures, including import declaration.
In addition, the customs clearance procedure can be done by the purchaser himself or can be delegated to Japan Post (for a fee).
Please follow the instructions in "Notice on International Mail that May Require Import (Tax) Declaration" to complete the customs clearance procedures yourself or contact the post office.

Notice of international mail that may require import (tax) declaration (as of June 2021)
《If you carry out customs procedures by yourself》
  1. You will receive a "Notice of international mail items that may require import (tax) declaration" from Japan Post.
  2. Please reply that you will make the import declaration yourself to Japan Post.
  3. You will be required to submit an import declaration and pay customs duties, etc. to customs.
  4. An import permit is obtained after customs examination and inspection.
  5. After obtaining the import permission, the product will be delivered by requesting delivery to Japan Post.

For details of the procedures, please refer to "Details of Customs Clearance Procedures" on the Japan Post website.

Private shipping companies ( DHL, FedEx , etc.) handle customs clearance on behalf of the buyer, so the buyer only needs to pay customs duties.

What should I do if I receive an SMS from DHL?

Please pay the customs duty. Depending on the payment method, the necessary steps and payment timing differ as follows.

Pay by credit card (advance online payment)

If paying by credit card, pay online before picking up your package. Please access the DHL page from the URL written in the SMS and make an online payment with a credit card.

*If you have any questions about the operation method, etc., please contact DHL Customer Service .

Pay in cash (pay upon receipt)

Pay the delivery person when you receive the package.
If you wish to pay cash, please contact DHL customer service first by phone or via the inquiry form.

If online payment is not made and DHL is not contacted, the package will be held at the DHL office for up to 5 business days.
After 6 business days, it will switch to delivery and customs duty will be paid in cash upon receipt of the package (SMS URL will be invalid).
Please pay online or contact DHL as soon as possible.

Cases that are not kept at the sales office

If the destination is an area where DHL consigns delivery to Sagawa Express or other shipping companies, the SMS will be sent but will not be held at the sales office and will be delivered as is (the SMS URL will be invalid and the customs duty will be shall be paid in cash upon receipt).

Cases where SMS does not arrive

  • If the phone number of the recipient (purchaser) is a landline phone number or other phone number that cannot receive SMS
  • If the customs invoice amount is 300,000 yen or more

DHL Customer Service Contact

If you have any questions about paying customs duties with DHL Express, please contact DHL Customer Service.

Inquiries by email

Inquiries by phone


<Reception hours>
8:00-19:00 (Monday-Thursday)
8:00-20:00 (Fridays and before public holidays)
8:30-14:00 (Sat)

*We do not provide information on customs duties over the phone.

Please contact us by email.