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[Almost new] 2023 Hermes Picotin Lock MM Gold Taurillon Clemence Silver hardware HERMES PICOTIN LOCK 22 GOLD TAURILLON CLEMENCE SILVER HARDWARE [Used]

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Picotan Lock MM
Metal fittings
W 22cm x H 22cm x D 18cm
B 2023
Taurillon Clemence
Storage bag, 2 keys, cadena *No box
almost new. Comes with metal fittings protection sticker. Slight marks and slight corner scratches on the outside.
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please note
1.The actual color may differ depending on the coloring of your monitor. Please be sure to check the color name and other colors. 2. Estimated shipping dates vary for each product. 3.Because the item is shipped from overseas, items that have a box listed as an accessory may have damage to the box or a history of repair. We cannot accept returns or exchanges due to damage to the box or defective storage bag. If you are thinking of giving it as a gift, please contact us in advance and we can let you know if we have a box in good condition.
We are a Hermes specialty store that only handles genuine Hermes products.
We are conducting simultaneous sales at our overseas branches.
We pay close attention to inventory management, but since all products are rare, we apologize in advance for your understanding that we may cancel your order if it is sold out.