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frequently asked Questions

Do you have a physical store?
Not available. Online shop only.
Are they all authentic?

Yes, all authentic. Our staff and owners purchase items directly from Hermès stores, or have each item undergo a rigorous appraisal by multiple people. All genuine products, including accessories, are handled.

Can you ship immediately?
All products are imported from overseas. Items that have already arrived at the Tokyo head office (Minato-ku) can be shipped immediately. Items in our overseas branches will be shipped in about 7 days. Please contact us for more information.
Is gift wrapping possible?
Yes, possible.
Items that include a box as accessories will come with a Hermes box. Also, if you have spares, you can also attach a Hermes paper bag or ribbon. Please contact us for more information.
Do you have products that are not listed?
There are many. Due to the rarity of our products, most of them are not posted for customers who do not want to know that they have purchased on AVENUE. Please feel free to contact us if there is anything you are looking for. We will search for you on your behalf.
All products are imported directly from overseas. Will I be charged a customs duty?
Customs duty is included in the product price, so we do not charge the customer separately. Do not worry.
If maintenance is required in the future, will it be possible for Hermès to repair it?
Yes, it is possible. Repairs are possible even for items purchased at stores other than Hermès retail stores.
(We may not be able to respond depending on the condition of the product or the circumstances of Hermès.)
Do you carry products other than Hermès?
It is also possible to search by request.
Is it possible to purchase at Hermès directly managed stores?
Yes of course it is possible.
Purchased after payment.
Please contact us for details.
Do you buying out?
We do not.
Is it possible to receive directly?
Delivery only, as proof of delivery is required.



Phone number 03-5786-0134

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